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Your donation will directly contribute to the Rural Change Fund.

Suicide in rural New Zealand is higher than any other demographic having a lasting ripple effect throughout a community - especially with our young people, who are often the largest statistic.

Will To Live is a Rural Health Charitable Trust founded in 2018 by Elle Perriam after her partner, a young farmer unfortunately took his own life. Will To Live has been promoting mental health awareness, providing one on one support, free education and well-being tools to small rural communities, often isolated from mental health resources.

In 2019 Will To Live hosted a nationwide "Speak Up Tour" in 18 locations throughout rural NZ 2019, reaching over 10,000 farmers. These events changed the culture of how we talk about mental illness and promoted how we collectively can combat depression.

Will To Live also shares powerful stories of hope and creates content, and video series on farmers that have suffered from and beaten mental illness.

All fundraising efforts and donations will go towards the Rural Change fund.

More about the Rural Change fund:

In September 2021 Will To Live launched “Rural Change” which is a fund for private mental health professionals for New Zealand Farmers. This was motivated by the devastatingly long 8-week waiting list to see a psychologist or counsellor currently in the public health system and is now the sole focus of the charity after waitlists soared in early 2023, causing the fund to be put on hold while the team sought further funding to address the influx of applications.


Donate a monetary sum via Stripe to help rural community members in need via our Rural Change Program.

Give A Little is a crowdfunding platform that enables organisations such as Will To Live to raise funds for a wide range of initiatives. Give A Little provides a simple and secure way for donors to contribute via a "Donate" button.

Get in touch today about your fundraiser idea - be it a BBQ within your community or some of the proceeds from your business donated to our cause. We'd love to hear more.

Good2Give is a digital platform that enables Will To Live to receive support in a variety of ways, including one-time or recurring donations, workplace giving, payroll giving, and gift-matching programs. Click on the link above to find out more. 

Supergenerous is a digital service helping Kiwis to effortlessly claim 33% tax rebates on their charitable donations, giving them the choice to either get a refund or re-gift it back to someone like Will To Live. Click on the link above to find out more. 


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