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Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes from low level stress, all the way up to outright panic attacks. But regardless of the level of stress and anxiety you may have, its impact on how you feel, and how you live your life, can be huge. Anxiety can impact your sleep, your weight, the way you think and your emotional states, your relationships, and your work.


Anxiety is something that most people will experience at some period in their life, yet there is often very little idea of what is causing it and how to deal with it, except either go to the doctor and get some pills, go and see a therapist and see if you can get an understanding of what is going on, go for a run, or (as many people unfortunately do) grin and bear it!. The problem with those solutions is that the pills don’t really solve the root cause, therapists can get expensive, running is only a temporary state shift, and grinning and bearing it will eventually lead to more pain and discomfort.

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Welcome to your stress and anxiety solution

This course, Anxiety Unloaded, has everything that you need to know about how to reduce and alleviate your anxiety. It comes at anxiety from a very unique and different angle to everything else that is out there. It focuses on healing the body as the primary source for treating anxiety, which makes it easy and accessible to just about everyone, including even the time-poor and children (and it is all done in a very easy and relaxed way!).  All it will require from you is a willingness to want to let go of your stress and anxiety. If you have that, then this course will take care of the rest.  All you need to do is follow the videos and the weekly instructions and in a very short time we guarantee you will begin to notice a shift in your life.


These sessions aim to give you opportunities to share your experiences with others, and to realise that you are not alone in how you are feeling. This may feel intimidating at first, so we will also be recording these sessions so you can listen in and get a feel for how they work and the value you will get from them. Once you have listened to these group sessions you will no doubt see the benefit. They are also recorded in case you are unable to make the session times.


This program is for all New Zealand food and fibre producers, including those who have equally an important role in primary industry.

  • Livestock Farmers

  • Cropping Farmers

  • Horticulture 

  • Rural Mums & Partners

  • Shearers

  • Rural based Vets

  • Rural Professionals 



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“I’ve suffered some from of anxiety through most of my adult life, often spiking when work gets stressful, and I have tried all sorts of things, spending thousands on therapy, gym memberships, and even trying pills. 


Then I tried Malcolm’s course. It has been transformational. Not only am I able to control my stress and anxiety with relative ease, but my relationships are better, and I am actually enjoying work so much more! All for the price of less than one counselling session."

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