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Rural Change is a funded private well-being program for New Zealand farmers operated by the Will To Live Charitable Trust. 


Each farmer will have the opportunity to enhance and improve their health, happiness and well-being by accessing three funded private counselling/psychologist sessions.


Generally going private will mean shorter wait times and more experienced professionals that are dedicated to restoring your health long-term. 

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This course, Anxiety Unloaded, has everything that you need to know about how to reduce and alleviate your anxiety. It comes at anxiety from a very unique and different angle to everything else that is out there.

It focuses on healing the body as the primary source for treating anxiety, which makes it easy and accessible to just about everyone, including even the time-poor and children (and it is all done in a very easy and relaxed way!). 

All it will require from you is a willingness to want to let go of your stress and anxiety. If you have that, then this course will take care of the rest.  All you need to do is follow the videos and the weekly instructions and in a very short time we guarantee you will begin to notice a shift in your life.

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